About Me

I am a lazy artist, non-prolific by default. Decades may pass between projects. This is a lie. But there are definite spaces between output.

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I don't do social media. if I did, I'd be dead by now. I probably already am dead. It's hard to tell. I am not dead….

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I have been producing sonic output for a number of years under the names of Urban Disturbance, The Armed Love Conspiracy, DarkLight-1666, Harmonic Possession and Theo Cult.

Theo Cult was born in the 5th Dimension. His father was a droid wizard, his mother a disco punk. Occasionally, he likes to remix the sh*t out of stuff....
Theo Cult on Spotify
"Dancing Through The Shadows" single on Spotify
"Fruit From The Neon Orchard" album on Spotify and YouTube
"Messages From The Apocalypse Bunker" album on iTunes and Spotify
"The DarkLight Era" album on Spotify
"Forever Now Demos" album on Spotify
Tracks and downloads on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/the-o-cult

Harmonic Possession were created in the year dot, and descended to Earth in a Ford Sierra Cosworth drawn by Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
Harmonic Possession on Spotify
"Improvised Weapons & Techniques" album on Spotify and Apple Music
"Ministry of Propaganda Broadcast 1" single on Spotify
"Gate 333" album on Spotify
"Ayahuasca" track on YouTube
"Light From Darkness Demos" album on Spotify
Tracks and downloads on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/harmonic-possession

Improvise Weapons cover

DarkLight-1666 was conceived in 1998, from the ashes of previous Acid / Techno unit "The Armed Love Conspiracy" and indie / dance crossover outfit "Urban Disturbance" - This sonic experiment lasted for 15 years!
DarkLight-1666 "You Are Here" on Spotify and YouTube

DarkLight-1666 discography

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I made two experimental films, get over it:

"Bluebeard's Journey into the Intestines of a Whale"
Approx. 23mins. Colour. 1987. (Made jointly with Mike Allen)
Synopsis: A fast moving, unscripted, psychedelic excursion through London's seedy under-belly. A colourful, confusing piece with a new hypnotic dance soundtrack by DarkLight-1666.

Approx. 25 Mins. Colour. 1992.
Synopsis: A film in which locations originally identified in dreams are (re)visited. Location footage is mixed with bright, swirling, nightclub-like visuals. A new ambient soundtrack by DarkLight has been added.

When we dream, our eyes dart about beneath closed eyelids. This is known as Rapid Eye Movement, or R.E.M. We normally forget the contents of our dreams shortly after waking, but by writing them down immediately, we gain a valuable self-diagnostic tool. These diary entries become keys to the subconscious mind. Each written entry is a glowing ember of the REM dream state: REM-ember.

“The Interpretation of dreams is the main route to an understanding of the human mind as a whole.” – Freud

I also produced music videos for my projects:

DarkLight-1666 "You Are Here" on YouTube
Theo Cult "Activate Alien Bloodline" on YouTube